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Red Army Soldiers and Internees
in Prisoner of War and Internment Camps in Poland (1918-1924)

Universitas Nicolai CopernicusCentralne Archiwum Wojskowe

Data about the person: Zagem Chairylin

Name: Chairylin
First name: Zagem
Other versions of the name:
Date of birth: 1899
Place of birth: gub. symbirska
Ethnic nationality: tatarska
Military rank:
Military unit:
Name in cyrillic alphabet:
First name in cyrillic alphabet:
Patronymic in cyrillic alphabet:
Date of capture/internment:
Status of prisoner:
Name of the camp/place of internment:
Allocation to work:
Places and dates of the stay in Poland:
Departure date:
Did he remain in Poland?
Date of death: 1920-12-10
Place of death - the name of locality: Mińsk Białoruski
Place of death - camp/hospital:
Cause of death: tyfus
Geographical name of the place of burial:
Detailed information about the place of burial and grave type:

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